Supply of lifting equipment

We have a wide range of lifting and handling equipment and accessories available for sale or hire. Our team of specialists is happy to advise you on the best equipment to suit your requirements. We can source equipment to huge range specifications and where there is nothing suitable currently available on the market, you can take advantage of our bespoke manufacturing service. If you need to lift or move anything, we can help! We can also source spare parts for your existing lifting and handling equipment.

This page gives a brief overview of the types of lifting and handling equipment we supply. For more detailed information and help with your requirements, please contact us.

    Lifting equipment for hire

  • Equipment available for short or long term contracts
  • All stock is in excellent condition
  • Fully inspected and tested to comply with LOLER regulations
  • Ready for safe and immediate use
  • Cost-effective option for temporary requirements.

Contact us today to discuss hire of specialist lifting equipment in Norfolk and the surrounding area.

We supply a wide range of products to help you lift and move equipment and supplies. We have a variety of solutions you can choose from depending on the type and the weight of the load you need to move and the distance it needs moving. We’ll also take into consideration the environment in which the equipment will be used, such as the available headroom, when finding the right solution for you. Options include:
  • a range of hand-operated and electric hoists
  • hydraulic lifting and pulling machines
  • powered winches
  • spreader beams
  • jockeys
  • lifting magnets
  • low maintenance tensioning devices
  • spring balances to enable easy moving of suspended tools or objects.

Safety is always of utmost importance, so we also have a range of easy to operate load arrestors to stop falls.

All of our hoists are designed to prevent jamming or tilting. They use high quality bearings and are resistant to corrosion making them a good long term investment. We offer a wide range of hoists to enable different operating positions for safety, including working in a confined space, or in a space where spark protection is a consideration. Options include:
  • hand chain hoists
  • electric chain hoists
  • pneumatic chain hoists
  • lever hoists
When choosing an electric hoist, it is important to consider the environment the hoist will be used in, the available power supply, and the atmosphere in which it will be operated. We’re happy to discuss your options and help you find the best solution. We also offer a range of trolleys to help move heavy loads and enable exact positioning, adjustable to fit a range of beam widths and profiles.
There are a whole host of accessories available to help you get the most from your lifting equipment. We can supply a wide range of lifting accessories including
  • lifting slings (including chain and webbing options)
  • construction, plate, girder and pipe clamps
  • grab hooks of all shapes and sizes
  • shackles
  • wire rope cable pulleys and sheaves
  • sheave blocks
  • pulleys.
When you need to move loads around at floor level, or elevate them short distances, there are several options you might consider:
  • pallet trucks
  • skates, with and without handles
  • hydraulic jacks
  • wall mounted jacks
  • scissor lift tables.
It is vital to know the weight of loads to ensure their safe manoeuvre. We offer a range of tools to help you measure loads including:
  • digital load indicators
  • handheld mini-weighers
  • wireless units
  • crane weighers (including remote controlled)
  • tensionometers.
Working at height brings its own challenges and risks. We offer a range of services to help make working and height simple and safe. Options include:
  • gantries and temporary suspended platforms
  • rope work devices including locking devices, ascent handles and slings
  • fall prevention devices
  • safety belts and fall arrest lanyards (including shock absorbing equipment)

We can also supply harnesses for multiple uses including evacuation harnesses and technical harnesses for working on structures in specific situations including those working in scaffolding assembly, on roofs, in trees and up pylons.